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Vision and Mission

Children come walking to their schools
But go home running
Let us make them come running to school
And go home walking
Enlightened ones
Empowered ones
Ready to solve riddles
Ready to face the Kurukshetra, called LIFE
- A. Engill

Here is a school with a national ethos and YET, international in approach. Apart from giving them opportunities to win, we also prepare them for harder battles of life. We believe in providing Quality Education to youngsters without turning them into bookworms.


To give them a sound foundation of academics

To explore teaching strategies and methodologies globally to ensure that our students are exposed to the most modern teaching that is appropriate to their needs

To let every child enter the school playground and equip himself with a sound health and learn to follow the rules of the GAME and LIFE

To empower the youngsters with latest tools of technology.

To let them know that whereas they belong to their own religion and race, Humanity is the only religion of every human being.

To shed their pride and prejudices and come forward to accept the facts of life with humility.